Before & After Cares, بلاگ

Mona Lisa Touch Before & After Care

1.Do NOT use scrubs on the area before the treatment session.

2.It is normal to have skin scaling or darkening in some cases.

3.Use betamethasone ointment every morning, noon, and night for 3 days.

4.After 3 days, use Medilan reconstruction cream or Seagull every morning, noon, and night for 2 weeks.

5.Then, for the next week use vitamin C cream every night.

6.After that, you do not need to apply any thing else.

7.Do NOT use Zinc ointment after the treatment.

8.It is normal to feel irritation in the next 1 – 3 hours after the treatment.

9.Avoid wearing tight and dark underwear.

10.Use cold water to wash yourself.

11.Avoid taking a bath for the next 48 hours (Do NOT use shower sponge).

Note: If you have done laser hair removal, you need to wait for 5 days and then proceed for skin lightening. You can wait for 10 days if you have a sensitive skin.

Remember, you can’t use laser hair removal for a month after being treated by Mona Lisa Touch.

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