We were not alone in this path, you walked here with us. Exir Javani Skin and Hair Clinic proudly serves dear Iranian and foreign clients in the following four main sections:

1. Implantation, hair, eyebrows and mustache

2. Consultation and cosmetic surgeries

3. Laser and sound therapy and face angulation

4. Laser hair removal

The Exir Javani treatment includes dermatologists, nurses, midwives, experienced implant technicians and certified physicians. The administrative staff and service support will be by your side from the beginning to the end of the journey to maintain your beauty and health.

stay beautiful

ٍExirJavani specialized clinic

More than 5 years of experience and authenticity More than 30 thousand satisfied and loyal clients

* Use of quality raw materials

* By a doctor and expert technicians

* Live and growable hair and eyebrow transplantation

* Cosmetic surgeries

Yosra Isa Salim Eid

Admissions Manager

Yasaman Isa Salim Eid

Commercial department manager

Hossein Isa Salim Eid

Managing Director