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About Us

Exir Javani Professional Skin & Hair Clinic – Based in Mashhad, Iran.

Welcome to Exir Javani Clinic, a pre-eminent skin & hair care clinic located in Malekabad Blvd. easily accessible from the highways, downtown, and the subway. We are ready to provide you with a comprehensive range of cosmetic services handled and operated by specialist and professional technicians and staff in a comfortable, sanitary and friendly environment. They include favorite treatments in laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, facial beauty, and hair transplantation. Our priority is providing you with the best services operated by the best.

We offer various luxury plus affordable packages on a regular basis and in different occasions which are high quality with the latest technologies. We are after perfection and your satisfaction. We believe in client’s content, excellency, being up-to-date, professionalism, and order.  Your treatment is followed by our follow-up contacts to make sure you are going through the aftercare period safely and contently. You can always contact our Client Service Dept. for the next appointments and further questions.