کاشت چال گونه

عمل کاشت چال گونه

cosmetic surgery

1. Medications

Inform your physician about your prior health conditions or medicine allergy (cardio conditions, diabetes, blood pressure, blood diseases, …). Additionally, tell them the full list of medicines you are currently taking. In case of using blood thinning medicines (warfarin, ASA, …) and steroid anti-inflammation medicines and vitamins, inform your physician 2 weeks before the operation.

2. Smoking & Alcohol

Stop taking cigarettes, smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks 2 weeks before the operation. They decrease the speed of healing and the final results.

3. Washing

Take a bath before going to hospital. You may not be allowed to bath for a few days after the operation.

4. Before care

Avoid bringing or carrying valuable belongings or accessories to the hospital. Do not use cosmetics or nail polish on the surgery day.

Take the prescribed and required lab tests and have them with you on the surgery day. Have your hospitalization documents and IDs with you on the operation day.

5. Eating

Do NOT take any meal 12 hours before the operation. You can take a light meal on the night before the operation day.

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