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CO2 Fractional Laser Before and After Care

Firstly, thank you for choosing Exir Javani Professional Skin & Hair Clinic. We are glad that we could serve you with the Italian Fractional Co2 Laser in one of the best cosmetics lines of our clinic. Fractional Co2 Laser is made by DEKA.

Before Care:

1.Stop using scrubs and exfoliating materials a week before the treatment session.

2.Inform your specialist if you are using Roaccutane.

3.Inform your specialist in case of regular herpes occurrence.

After Care:

1.In the next 7 – 10 days after the treatment try not to leave the house during the day to avoid the sun exposure.

2.In the first week, use a combination of sun screen and zinc oxide during the day. Apply this combination every 3 hours. After a week, use only the sun screen.

3.Use cold pack in the first 24 hours.In the first 3 days, apply Betamethasone ointment and leave it on your skin through the night.

4.Use skin rebuilding cream during the evening and night in the next 2 weeks.

5.Use the prescribed washing liquids. Massage the skin gently with the foam 2-3 times a day.

6.Avoid touching or removing the face scales. Do NOT use any scrub.

7.Apply moisturizer and sun screen regularly after the one-week recovery period.

8.In the first few days, avoid strenuous activities, over sweating, swimming pool, and any type of material that may cause sensitivity such as alcohol, soup, and so on.

9.After the recovery period, use the sun screen and prescribed creams regularly.

10.Your next appointment will be in 3 -6 weeks.

11.Use the prescribed vitamin C serum every night after 2 weeks.

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