ExirJavani Specialized Clinic

Laser therapy and laser hair removal

American Frexel laser, American fractional CO2 laser, Treatment by Hifo Doblo ultrasound technology, Hair removal laser equipped with Alexandrite, NDIG, Alex-NDIG, and diode technologies, Elite Plus, Motus AY, Arion

Consultations and cosmetic surgeries

– Face shaping with subtle surgeries: cheek fat removal, temple and eyebrow lift, eyelid beautification, liposuction, thread lift, etc.

-Filling different parts of the face by injecting filler, botox, fat and nano fat

– Injectable and non-injectable treatments such as: types of fillers, dermarollers, therapeutic and natural serums and cocktails – specialized facials and skin cleansing

Hair, eyebrow, beard and mustache transplant

– Natural and living hair transplantation with the ability to grow, trim and dye

– A completely natural appearance that fits the face structure

-Can be done in any part of the head and body

– No rejection of surgery and pain

– Observing the final result after 8-10 months

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8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

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