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We will perpetuate your beauty


We were not alone in this path, you walked here with us. Exir Javani Skin and Hair Clinic proudly serves dear Iranian and foreign clients in the following four main sections:

1. Implantation, hair, eyebrows and mustache

2. Consultation and cosmetic surgeries

3. Laser and sound therapy and face angulation

4. Laser hair removal

The Exir Javani treatment includes dermatologists, nurses, midwives, experienced implant technicians and certified physicians. The administrative staff and service support will be by your side from the beginning to the end of the journey to maintain your beauty and health.

Are you ready for a sense of beauty and youth?


Mashhad,Malek Abad Boulevard,between 19 and 21 Malek Abad


+98 (51) 91001099






All surgeries performed and cosmetic services provided to individuals have the support of the clinic. Depending on the type of surgery or cosmetic service provided, these supports will continue even after dismissal.

Free Consulting Appointment

You can get free consultation from our specialist physicians and consolers in person or through our contact information. It is best to get the information you need before taking any action.

Forehead Botox in mashhad


After making an appointment, you will come to the clinic so that our doctors and specialists can visit you in person. Finally, after a complete examination, a cosmetic operation will be performed on you at your request.

We will perpetuate your beauty

You deserve the best
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Satisfied customers

Customers comments

Body hair laser

32 year old lady

I recommend the laser to all people who are looking for permanent hair removal. A laser course is really much better than going to different waxing clinics. But apart from the fact that the work of the specialists of this clinic is very good, the prices here are also very fair. I used to go to different places for waxing, but either they did not work well or their price was high. They did a good job here and the price was great. Thanks to the Exir Javani Clinic


44 year old lady

“A friend of mine accidentally introduced me to the Exir clinic for facial Botox, and I went with him and got Botox. It’s so great here that now my mom and sister are with me to charge Botox. The materials they use are really good quality materials. ”

Satisfied customers

Customers comments

Phone: +98 (51) 91001099

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