مراقبت های قبل و بعد کاشت ابرو

مراقبت های قبل و بعد کاشت ابرو


Eyebrow Transplantation Aftercare

Avoid lifting heavy objects and doing activities that put pressure on your head for 2 weeks. Do NOT lean your head forward for more than 10 seconds. Avoid strenuous sports and dynamic activities for 2 months. Additionally, we strongly recommend you to avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking for at least 2 months. Ten days after eyebrow transplantation, you can come to the clinic to pull your head stitches out.

Improving Dry Skin

In the first 48 hours after eyebrow transplantation, it is normal to feel dryness and lack of elasticity in your eyebrow skin. You can make a combination of Normal Saline serum and two vitamin E capsules in a spray container and spray it on your eyebrows. This solution helps skin dryness. If the dryness makes you uncomfortable, apply some gentamicin ointment by gently tapping it on your eyebrows. Remember to clean your fingers before doing so. The tapping must be really gentle. Do NOT move your finger across the eyebrows.

I case of feeling intolerable pain, use diclofenac suppository every 6 hours. If the pain started to fade away in 48 hours, you can use acetaminophen codeine to relieve the pain. Use the prescribed antibiotics exactly on the specified time for 5 -7 days. After 48 hours, the eyebrows start to feel itchy which is normal. If needed, the physician prescribes the necessary medications. Use mupirocin ointment for 5 – 7 days to help healing the head stitches.

eyebrow transplantation

Can I Take A Shower After Eyebrow Transplantation?

  1. Bathing is forbidden for the next 48 hours. Afterwards, you are free to take a bath provided that you follow the bellow instructions:
  2. Warm the bathroom with vapor for 10 minutes.
  3. Separate the stitched area from the rest.
  4. Lean your head backward and soak the stitched area indirectly.
  5. Use baby shampoo to wash the stitched area.
  6. Wash the stitched area gently so that the blood and clots are wiped away.
  7. Do NOT take a direct shower for two weeks.
  8. Wash the stitched area as taught every day.
  9. Apply gentamicin or erythromycin ointment after drying the stitched area.

Daily Eyebrows Washing

After 48 hours, you can start daily washing. Fill a spray container with water and a little of baby shampoo. Then spray the solution on the eyebrows in the direction of the eyebrow hair. Pay attention to the direction of the hair strands in every part of the eyebrow. The front part is downward, the arc is toward the tail, and the tail is upward. After spraying the solution, leave it there for 3 minutes and then spray warm water on the eyebrows. You need to wash your transplanted eyebrows 3 days a day. Remember that that you can not pour water on your face for 2 weeks.

Why Scaling and Clots?

Scaling or clots show that daily washing is not done right. Minor wounds and clots make the transplanted eyebrow strands to fall out. In case of having wounds and scaling, increase the number of daily washing. If the extent of scaling and depth of the wounds is large, take a wet warm sterilized gas and put it on the eyebrows for 5 minutes and spray water on it. Do this for an hour to remove the wounds and scaling.

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