Hair Transplant SUT

Hair transplant with natural growth has become a popular cosmetic service specially for men. This could be partially because of the climate and diet changes and genetics which lead to hair fall. There are different  hair transplant methods. One of the most recent and popular methods is SUT with natural growth.
SUT hair transplantation

SUT hair transplant

In this article we are going to discuss one of the latest and most popular hair transplant methods in the world and in Iran. You will know about the importance of choosing a hair transplant method. As we move forward, we will learn about the SUT hair transplant method and its advantages over other methods. Additionally, we will compare SUT and FUT methods.

Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Method

Hair fall has always been an issue for men and sometimes women. Important factors such as genetics, hormones, age, climate, diet, gender, and similar can cause hair fall and baldness. Therefore, you need to find the exact root of your hair fall by consulting with a skin and hair specialist. We recommend you to be very cautious about choosing a hair transplant method, specialist, and professional center. Do not fall for the fraud cheap offers which only end with your disappointment and loss.
hair transplant SUT, FUT, hair implant

Permanent Solution for Baldness

Before going through hair transplant procedure, you need to consult with a specialist and make sure that hair transplant is your last and best option. You do not want to spend your time and finance on the wrong method or treatment. Remember that hair transplant is a time-taking process but the results are significant and incomparable. It is a completely professional and delicate procedure which needs experienced and knowledgeable specialist, technicians and modern precise equipment. Therefore, choosing the right method and skin and hair care center must be your first thing to consider. You can call us today and make a consultation appointment with one of our skin & hair care specialists. Get the answers to all of your questions so that you can choose the most appropriate hair transplant method.

Why SUT Method?

In SUT method, the technician extracts hair follicles from the back of your head or the side parts. These areas are called the donor areas because they do not contain male hormones and usually do not fall. Therefore, if we plant these follicles on the bald areas, they will not fall. Yet, your specialist chooses the most appropriate hair transplant method according to your skin, hormones condition, age, the baldness type, skin type and so on.
SUT hair transplant

SUT hair transplant

SUT is one of the most modern and popular hair transplant methods which is usually proper for the majority. The follicles are delicately extracted and then planted by micrograft method. The side effects and complications of this method is significantly less than the classic and old fashioned methods. The equipment and techniques applied to extract and plant the follicles are very delicate and precise. There will be no scars. Yet, it all comes down to the expertise and knowledge of the specialist and technicians to operate the method correctly and safely.

Natural Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the only permeant and absolute solution for baldness. Although there are methods which use non-natural hair, natural hair transplant is far more beneficial. Natural hair, from your own hair bank in the donor areas, grow and look very naturally. Hair transplant is a very delicate procedure and needs expert operators and supervision.
Planted Follicles

Planted Follicles

SUT hair transplant is an outpatient procedure and you don’t need to be hospitalized. After the consultation session and the the expert’s recommendation, the hair transplant date is settled. You would be full informed about the pre-procedure care instructions, possible risks, after care and more. You do not need to worry about any kind of infection or excessive bleeding or pain. The technician make your scalp numb by anesthetics, so that you wouldn’t feel any discomfort. Some people even fall sleep during the whole process.

SUT Mechanism

In SUT method, the technician extracts the follicle units one by one. A very delicate automate device picks out the units precisely without damaging them. This makes the extraction process faster with more accuracy. The extracted follicles are kept in a safe container inside the device itself to kept frozen.
Follicle Extraction in SUT Hair Transplant Method

Follicle Extraction in SUT Hair Transplant Method

This automat devices extracts the follicles precisely without damaging them or any bleeding. There is no need for major surgery or hospitalization. You will be conscious and comfortable. There is no feeling of pain in any stage of extracting and planting. SUT is a completely non-aggressive hair transplant procedure.

SUT Benefits

  • The extracted follicles are frozen to keep them from damage.
  • There are fewer extraction and plantation sessions.
  • More follicles (more than 10,000 strands) can be extracted and planted in one session.
  • It is more sanitary since the procedure is operated by automate devices.
  • The scars of the donor area are next to zero.
  • The hair growth line looks natural.
  • The density of the planted hair is very natural looking.
  • It’s a non-aggressive procedure without pain or bleeding.
  • It’s an outpatient procedure.
  • The procedure is faster and more precise.
  • Your hair bank will not be wasted or damaged.
  • You can resume daily activities in no time.
  • It’s an up-to-date hair transplant method.

SUT Downsides

  • You need to shave your head so that the technician can extract the follicle units.
  • The scar of the extraction will be like white spots.
  • It is more expensive than other methods.
  • It is not a proper choice for low density hair.
SUT hair transplant

Natural Hair Transplant in Iran

The Difference between SUT & FUT

SUT Method:

  • The follicles are extracted one by one with a punch.
  • The extracted follicles are frozen to be safe from damage.
  • The scars are like white spots and less visible.
  • There is no bleeding while extraction and planting.
  • There is no need for anesthetic.
  • You can resume your daily routines soon after.

FUT Method:

  • The follicles are extracted in a line.
  • The scars of the donor area are like tape and more visible.
  • The bleeding while extraction is more than SUT.
  • Your specialist uses anesthetic in the extraction stage.
  • The recovery period is longer than SUT.
  • The risk of follicle loss is more than SUT.
hair transplant FUT, SUT

Hair Transplant SUT

Who Can Use SUT Hair Transplant Method?

Sine SUT has significant results in covering the bald part and very few side effects,
  • it is normally proper for almost everyone.
  • It is specially effective for androgenic alopecia.
  • SUT can make a great difference for burnt or inflamed sculps.
  • It has noticeable results for post-chemotherapy baldness.
  • SUT is an excellent choice for cosmetic hair transplant in beard, mustache, chest, eyebrow, and more.
Automate Follicle Extraction in SUT Method

Automate Follicle Extraction in SUT Method


Who Cannot Use SUT Hair Transplant Method?

People with bellow conditions cannot use SUT hair transplant method:
  • People with diabetes,
  • People with high blood pressure,
  • People with blood coagulation conditions,
  • People who suffered androgenic alopecia in young age, and
  • People with hormone problems.
Therefore, you need to inform your specialist about all of your health conditions and medical records. Your specialist runs some tests to choose the best solution.

SUT Side Effects

  • The natural hair may fall after 3 – 4 months which is rare and temporary.
  • If your hair line is lower, your forehead may swell a little and goes away in 2 – 3 days.
  • There might be a minor discordance between the natural and planted hair.
  •  The planted hair growth may be slower which gets better after cutting.
hair transplant SUT, FUT

Hair Transplant SUT with Natural Growth

After SUT Hair Transplant

It is natural to feel a little worried and have doubts about doing a hair transplant. Do not let it stop you from making the right decision. In the consultation session with the specialist, you can answers to all of your questions and worries.
  • In 1 – 3 days after SUT, the planted follicles start to grow roots inside he scalp and stick to it.
  • Your technicians teach you about daily washing of the donor area and planting area.
  • You will have all the necessary medications to keep you free from pain and infection.
  • You will receive the special shampoo, air growth stimulator, clean bandages and sterilized gases, aftercare instructions and more.
  • The micro wounds on the head start to fall in 1 – 2 weeks after the procedure.
Painless Hair Transplant

Painless Hair Transplant

  • Sometimes, some of the planted follicles might fall along with the micro wounds which is normal.
  • Consult with our specialist in case of bleeding in the micro wounds.
  • The planted follicles keep growing in the next 3 months.
  • After 3 months, some of them might start falling.
  • The hair fall after hair transplantation is normal.
  • After the fall, the follicles enter the hibernation stage.
  • The hibernation stage takes 10 days to 2 weeks.
  • After the hibernation stage, the planted hair start to regrow up to even 1 year.
  • You might see a little inflammation around the planted hair which goes away with warm compress.
  • Visit your doctor in the next 2 – 3 weeks.
  • The planted hair will not fall after the full recovery.
Remember that the final results and how much they last depend on the aftercare.
Hair Transplant with Natural Growth Line

Hair Transplant with Natural Growth Line

SUT Before Care

  • Make sure to take all of the require tests and procedures.
  • Inform your specialist and technicians about your health condition and medical records.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol at least 3 days before the procedure.
  • Stop taking aspirin and similar medications that make blood thin.
  • Alcohol and smoking increase the bleeding during the process.
  • Do NOT wash your head with alcohol-based solutions or softening gels and combinations.
  • Take a light meal before the procedure.
  • Do not take any medication without your specialist’s approval.
  • Bring a light and breathable fabric or hat.
  • Cut your hair bank down to 1 mm.

SUT After Care

  • After the procedure, wear a light and breathable hat which is loose.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol for a few days.
  • Apply the after care instructions carefully.
  • With your specialist’s approval, you can use ice compress.
  • The daily washing should not be more than 10 minutes.
  • Do NOT touch the planting area while washing.
  • After 5 -6 days, by the specialist’s approval, resume normal washing.
  • Contact your specialist in case of any abnormal side effect.
  • For the next 2 weeks, avoid strenuous activities and lifting weight.
  • In the next month, avoid going to the swimming pool or spa.
  • Keep your head away from direct sun exposure for 2 months.
planting hair micrograft

Planting Hair Micrograft in SUT

SUT Method Price

Hair transplant price depends on several factors such as the method, the extent of baldness, health records and so on. The number of extracted and the planted follicles also play a role in the price. Another factor in SUT price is the type of baldness. Note that a professional skin & hair clinic with expert and experienced staff defines the success and it’s pricier. Generally, SUT method is more expensive due to its technology and method. Additionally, the density of the planted hair after SUT are significantly more than other methods. They don’t fall and there are no visible scars. Fast recovery and being outpatient are also other factors effective in the price. Call us today to know more about hair transplant price. Exir Javani Professional Skin & Hair Care Center is the most equipped center in the east of Iran. You can reach us through 051-91001099 from Saturday to Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m..   

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