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Hair Transplantation Package with SUT Method

Package No. 1

Hair Transplantation Package with SUT Method

This package includes the costs and expenses related to the procedure, tests, medications, and the equipment. The specialist explains the process, the aftercare and before care points. You will not be hospitalized. We use your own hair bank. There is no scar or bleeding.

Treatment Duration: 3 days, 2-3 hours a day

The specialists costs: The specialist physician, 2 technicians for cutting and transplanting

Medications: aftercare medications, hair growth stimulating solution, special hair shampoo, anesthetic

Blood tests: diff, CRP, FBS-HbA1c, Serm lgg, Serm lgg, PTT.INR, HBS Ag, Anti,HIV.Ab, Anti, HIV.Ab, ANTI,HTL V1,2Aba pre-designed template and change the content.

The total price of the package: $800

Extra costs:

  • If the patient needs extra equipment or care services according to their conditions, the extra charges would be applied according to the fixed pricing system of the clinic.

Validity Date: 30th March 2021