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Fat Injection Before and After Care

1.       Do not be hungry.

2.       Let your specialist know if you are losing weight or exercising seriously.

3.       Stop taking supplements and vitamins such as vitamin E.

4.       Do NOT take aspirins. If you are a regular user, stop taking them for 10 days before the operation.

5.       Do NOT use foods containing garlic, and herbals such as green tea, alcoholic drinks, and body building supplements like keratin.

1.       The recovery takes 7 – 15 days.

2.       After 7 – 15 days of recovery, the swelling goes away.

3.       The best results are visible after 3 – 4 weeks.

4.       Do NOT take a bath in the first 2 days aftertreatment.

5.       Use the prescribed antibiotics.

6.       In the first 2 nights, sleep on your back and use extra pillows to keep your head higher.

7.       In the first 24 hours, use cold pack for the injection spots. After 24 hours, use a warm pack.

8.       You can remove your leg’s bandage after 2 days and take a shower.

9.       Avoid standing for long hours or pushing for a week.

10.   Apply the prescribed topical antibiotic on the face.

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