Before & After Cares, بلاگ

Double Chin Before & After care

Double Chin Before Care:

1.Stop taking supplements and vitamins such as vitamin C.

2.Do NOT take aspirins. If you are a regular user, stop taking them for 10 days before the operation.

3.Do NOT use foods containing garlic, and herbals such as green tea, alcoholic drinks, and body building supplements like keratin.

4.You can take your blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease medications according to your routine.

5.Do NOT be hungry before the operation.

6.Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks for a week prior your appointment.

Double Chin After care:

1.In the first week, wear the compression garment 24 hours round. After a week, wear it for 8 hours a day for 1 – 3 months.

2.It is normal to feel uneven small spots under your skin. They will go away by time.

3.You can see the final results in 3 months.

4.It’s normal to feel itching and temporary crawling under your skin for 3 months. They will go away by time.

5.To reduce the swelling and boost the healing process, you can use warm pack after 24 hours.

6.Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks for 2 weeks after your treatment.


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