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Hair Transplant After Care

Hair Transplantation

You may be a little excited or worried which is normal. Remember that hair transplantation is not dangerous and nothing threatens you. Instead of overthinking about this safe procedure, you better focus on the new hair that you will have in the future.

Have a proper dinner the night before so that your body gains enough protein and sugar. Take a shower before sleeping and wash your hair with shampoo. Try to get enough and healthy sleep.

On the morning of the hair transplantation, have enough breakfast because you blood pressure may decrease a bit due to excitement. Avoid any caffeine. Do NOT eat supplements and vitamins such as vitamin E. Avoid taking aspirin. If you have been using aspirin, stop it 10 days before the hair transplantation procedure. We strongly recommend you to avoid foods which contain garlic and ginger, herbal combinations of green tea, alcohol, and body building supplements such as keratin.

Plan your day so that you can be in the clinic at least half an hour before the procedure. When you get here, you will notice that everything is arranged in advance and the physician and the technicians are waiting for you. Therefore, leave the rest to them and enjoy thinking about your new look and hair in the next few months.

Generally, hair transplantation is a positive experience and you are not neither a patient or hurt. The only reason is that you want to have a new and younger look by hair transplantation. You noticed your hair fall and now you want to do something about it which is absolutely a right choice. So, cheer up about choosing hair transplantation and its benefits.

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